Made from TOHO Seed Beads

TOHO seed beads are precision-made Japanese seed beads that are among some of the finest in the world. The color and size consistency of TOHO beads makes beads weaving, looming, and stringing projects easy and beautiful every time.

Trendy, Simple Seed Bead Collection

Cute dainty necklaces perfect for everyday use. These necklaces are made purely of TOHO Seed Beads 11/0 Rounds. 

Luxury Seed Bead Collection

These necklaces were made from rare, natural ingredients. They are handmade and he materials are found on the Islands. Including, Niihau Kahelelani shells, sea glass, etc.


Handmade from the North Shore of Oahu.


Long lasting and durable. Made for everyday use.


Some necklaces made with natural materials found on the Islands.

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